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Hope Campaign

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In support of programs and services for Langs Youth

My family gives me hope because they help me through hard times.  Participant, age 8

Everyone needs a friend to help them grow.  Just a small, simple act of kindness can make someone’s day and I feel like it’s important to be that person.  Participant, age 13

Hope is seeing someone helping another person.  When you see someone hurt, ask if they need a helping hand.  Stay safe and share hope.  Participant, age 10

My generation gives me hope for the earth’s future.  Participant, age 10

My friends give me hope because they make me a better person.  Participant, age 9

We all have ups and downs in life when things are great and when things are not the best.  When we’re feeling down there’s always hope that we will feel up again.  Participant, age 12