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Volunteering at any of Langs' sites provides opportunities for individuals to give back while developing leadership skills and gaining hands-on work experience. Meet new people, develop new skills and have fun! Various volunteer opportunities are available to meet a variety of needs and interests. Contact Sandra, the Volunteer Coordinator at sandrac@langs.org

Available Positions and Times

There are over 50 volunteer opportunities at Langs in a number of categories, including:

  • Early Years Program volunteer
  • Children and Youth volunteer for drop in and after school programs
  • Adult program volunteers for cooking and seniors programs
  • Community connector/greeter
  • Volunteer receptionist
  • Community Resource Centre volunteer
  • Bus driver for our programs (F class license required)
  • Quarterly newsletter distributor
  • Board of Directors, committees and focus groups
  • Special events such as our Holiday Dinner and Community Picnics

Most of our volunteering activities take place between 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday, with a small number of activities taking place during weekday evenings until 8pm.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the minimum age requirement?
    • 14 years for typical volunteers
    • Camp/Summer playground leaders must have Leaders In Training certificate
    • LIT training is offered throughout the year and more information can be found here
  2. What type of commitment level is required?
    • A 3 month minimum commitment is required, due to the orientation and training time investment given by Langs
  3. What type of screening or paperwork is involved?
    • Langs screens all volunteers and placement students in a number of ways, including 3 references, interview, police check, orientation, training and 3 month probation.
    • Volunteers are encouraged to provide additional paperwork such as resume, letter of reference, portfolio, certificates, student program information, etc.
  4. Is a police check required?
    • College and university placement students are required to obtain a Vulnerable Sector Police check. Fees are the responsibility of the student.
    • Volunteers over 18 are required to obtain a Vulnerable Sector Police Check.
    • Langs will provide a letter and a payment cheque to accepted new volunteers.
  5. Does Langs offer orientation or training to new volunteers and placement students?
    • All volunteers and placement students are offered a number of opportunities to be orientated to Langs. Volunteers meet with the Volunteer Coordinator; are provided with a Volunteer Handbook; are invited to attend an orientation day; and have access to online videos. Training and role shadowing with staff and volunteers is completed to ensure volunteers understand their role, responsibilities and tasks.
  6. Does Langs staff offer supervision & evaluation?
    • The organization views performance feedback as positive and healthy for a volunteer’s growth and development. A staff supervisor will be assigned to you who will offer supervision and coaching, as well as evaluations for placement students.
  7. Can I volunteer at Langs to obtain my 40 community service hours for high school?
    • Yes.
  8. Can volunteers obtain a reference from staff?
    • Volunteers can request that staff they have worked closely with be a reference for them. Letters of reference can be received for highly involved, long-time volunteers.
  9. How does Langs recognize their volunteers?
    • Langs applauds the efforts of our volunteers and placement students and we make all attempts to demonstrate our appreciation for your time and talents through various means of recognition such as offering service awards, holiday cards, volunteer events and special promotions.
  10. Can volunteers be dismissed from their volunteering?
    • Volunteers and placement students are expected to follow Langs' volunteer policies and procedures and code of conduct.  If a volunteer or student placement violates Langs' policies and procedures we will take the following steps: 
      • Verbal warning
      • Written warning
      • Suspension
      • Dismissal - as a last resort
How to Apply as a Volunteer?
  1. Contact Langs to make an appointment, or fill out the applicable application and confidentiality agreement linked below 
  2. Selected applicants will be invited to interview 
  3. Additional documents may be required such as a resume, letter of reference, certificates etc. 
  4. Police checks are required for anyone 18 and over  
  5. Arrangements can be made to visit  a specific program(s) or service(s) if needed to determine interests 
  6. Attend training and orientation sessions as required 

Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

Volunteer Application (fillable)

Volunteer Application (download)

Student Placement Application

Please note: Langs receives a large number of volunteer applications and unfortunately we are unable to offer opportunities to all applicants. We do thank all applicants and will retain applications for future consideration if there are no immediate matching openings.