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About the Board

Langs is governed by a board of up to 15 board members who are elected at the Annual General Meeting in June of each year.  Governance is the process that the board uses collectively to meet community needs. It is the Board of Director’s role to govern the organization. 

Langs operates under an adaptation of the Balkwill and Associates Governance Model which outlines three levels of responsibility in a non-profit organization:  governance, management and service delivery. 

The primary purpose and functions for each level are defined: 

  1. Governance:  The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance level. 
  2. Management:  The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the management level or the day to day operations of the organization. 
  3. Service Delivery:  The front line staff, in partnership with volunteers and agencies, provides programs and services to the community. 
Current Board Members

Brad Ratz

Dave Bechtel

Denise Carter

Jeff Small

Jennifer Davis

Jenni-Rebecca Baer

Juliette Coughlan

Mona Elgargani

Nana-Afia Agyeipah

Stephen Paniccia

Yvonne Brown

Becoming a Board Member
  1. Board members are expected to possess relevant expertise, experience, leadership skills and have an understanding of local health issues, needs and priorities. A total of 15 members are nominated from our community which may include living or working in Preston, Hespeler and North Dumfries. Members are appointed for a three-year term and can renew for an additional 3-year term.
  2. The Langs Recruitment Committee is responsible for reviewing applications for the Langs Board of Directors. If you would like more information on becoming a board member, or to obtain a Board Application Package, please contact Sarah M., Executive Assistant, at 519-653-1470, x 240 or complete the online form below.

Below are useful resources related to being a board member at Langs: 

Langs Board Meetings

The Langs board meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month from September to June each year from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. 

Langs Board Standing Committees

Each board member is encouraged to be a member of a minimum of one standing committee or a maximum of two standing committees.  Below is the list of the committees: 

  1. Executive Committee:  The Executive Committee may act for the Board of Directors as authorized between meetings or during any period that the board is not in session. The Executive Committee is composed of Board Chair, Past Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
  2. Community Services Committee:  Assists with the planning of community services programs and services at Langs.
  3. Recruitment Committee:  Recruits new board members and plans the Annual General Meeting.
  4. North Dumfries Program Committee:  Assists with the planning of programs and services at the North Dumfries Community Health Centre.
  5. Finance and Sustainability Committee:  Advises on matters pertaining to the organization’s financial responsibilities and sustainability.
Langs By-Law No 1