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Strategic Planning

The Langs board, in collaboration with a committee of board members and staff, engages in an extensive and comprehensive strategic planning process every five years. All feedback and input collected from needs assessments, satisfaction surveys, and community analysis of trends are taken into consideration and factored into the planning process. This ensures that the strategic planning process is comprehensive and well-informed about the current needs of the community.

Strategic Plan displayed visually, all points also in text


  1. Participants
    a. Provide inclusive, welcoming spaces and diverse services to support people to achieve their best health.
    b. Respond effectively to participants' basic needs and those with chronic conditions.
  2. Communities
    a. Increase community engagement, participation and volunteerism to build and enhance a sense of belonging.
    b. Increase accessibility of essential services on site and off through a variety of partnerships and locations.
  3. Systems
    a. Collaborate across systems to improve access to and coordination of care.
    b. Play a leadership role locally and provincially in areas of excellence such as Ontario Health Teams, Central Intake and Community Hubs.
  4. Capacity
    a. Strengthen and align resources (i.e., finances, IT, facilities, fundraising and systems) to offer sustainable programs and services.
    b. Cultivate the leadership capacity, wellness, professional growth and expertise of our staff.
    c. Enhance quality of care through research, evaluation and evidence- based practice.
    d. Actively promote our brand, strengths and successes.
    e. Offer a culture of safety and wellness that promotes psychological well-being where all staff can flourish.


Langs Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Langs 2018-2020 Strategic Plan consists of 4 strategic directions, and 10 strategic objectives.  Click here to see the full plan diagram.

Langs Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Langs 2021-2026 Strategic Plan consists of 4 strategic directions and 11 strategic objectives. 

Strategic Plan displayed visually, all points also in text