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Langs offers a variety of welcoming and engaging activities and programs for children, youth, and young adults ages 6-24 at their main site, Grow Community Centre and North Dumfries Community Health Centre. Interactive and educational programs are planned to capture the interests and imagination of young minds, and leadership development and skill building are encouraged.

The Langs Youth Wellness Hub (YWH) is 2750 sq. ft. located on the second floor of The HUB@1145. The YWH serves those in Grades 6-12 and young adults. The YWH is a safe, welcoming, inclusive space to access services and programming in Cambridge. The YWH is home to many partners including Camino Wellbeing + Mental Health, Cambridge Career Connections, Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region, Lutherwood and Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council.  Youth can engage in STEAM and art programs to enhance life skills, technical abilities, and self- expression.  Youth Mental Health and Employment services are also available. The goal of the YWH is to become a space where youth and their families can access the right service, at the right time, in the right place.  Our integrated model of collaboration, innovation, and inclusion will offer easy-to-access, “one-stop-shop” services.

For more information on current programs and services call the Youth Wellness Hub Coordinator at
519-653-1470 x357.  

For intake to Youth Mental Health services call 519-653-1470 x361.

Reach out to staff to inquire about programs:

Children’s Programs (Grades 1-5)
Langs – Khadija khadijak@langs.org  
Grow Community Centre - Hannah hannahr@langs.org 
North Dumfries – Michelle michelles@langs.org

Youth Programs (Grades 6-12)
Langs – Joey joeys@langs.org or visit www.padlet.com/LangsYWH/Programs
Grow Community Centre - Hannah hannahr@langs.org 
North Dumfries – Michelle michelles@langs.org

Young Adults (Ages 18-24)
Langs – Joey joeys@langs.org or visit www.padlet.com/LangsYWH/Programs

Please see full list of programs currently being offered below:

7th Inning Alternative Education Program

Langs is also home to an alternative education program for youth in grades 7 & 8 who need additional support in the school setting. The classroom consists of a Waterloo Region District School Board Teacher, Community Youth Workers, and up to 10 students in need of academic help and personal life management skills. Students are transitioned back to their community school the following year. Langs has been operating the 7th Inning Program since 1999.

Intake is ongoing, email Claire at clairek@langs.org for more information.

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