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IDEA Journey

Langs is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment in all aspects of our work. To ensure that the IDEA framework is embedded throughout our organization, the IDEA Action Team has been established comprised of both staff and board members. This team meets regularly to create guidelines, tools, and resources for Langs. In pursuit of our commitment to diversity, we have launched an organization-wide diversity campaign using desktop backgrounds. To further promote awareness and understanding of IDEA principles, we have offered IDEA training to all staff.


Langs IDEA Commitment Statement

Langs’ mission is to ensure that every person in our neighbourhoods will have a place to call home for health, wellness and community support.

We are dedicated to providing equitable access to high-quality programs and services for all our community members. We commit to actively champion inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility in our organizational practices, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace for our colleagues, and cultivating and sustaining relationships with community partners that broaden our reach and deepen our understanding in each of the communities that we serve.   

Inclusion is an individual within the community feeling valued, respected and equally supported.

Diversity is the difference between individuals, which could refer to differences in race, colour, place of origin, religion, language, immigrant and newcomer status, ethnic origin, ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, parental status, education, age etc.

Equity is the removal of systemic barriers and biases, allowing for equal access to and benefit from different programs and opportunities.

Access is the process whereby people gain equitable access along a continuum of human ability and experience.


IDEA Action Team initiatives encourage healthy dialogue on inclusion, diversity, equity, and access.  Through its initiatives, the action team is ensuring psychological and cultural safety is upheld for all community members, volunteers, and staff.


IDEA Resources

Share your experience

Would you like to share your feedback with the IDEA Action Team?

If so, please email darcye@langs.org with any impact stories, feedback, or questions for the team.

IDEA Backgrounds

Check out some recent IDEA Desktop Backgrounds used at Langs

Alliance for Healthier Communities - Health Equity Charter

The Health Equity Charter is one of the foundational documents that, together with the Model of Health and Wellbeing and Model of Wholistic Health and Wellbeing (for Indigenous organizations), guides our collective efforts recognizing and confronting barriers to equitable health, and helps bring us closer to our vision of the best possible health and wellbeing for everyone in Ontario.

Find out more, including the full charter and core competencies glossary here