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Social Work and Counselling

As a part of the holistic approach to your health care, Langs offers free, confidential counselling to individuals, couples and families, who are patients of the Community Health Centre or live in the Langs or North Dumfries communities, who do not have access to an Employee Assistant Program, and are wanting to improve their well-being.  Langs also provides counselling for patients of the Heritage Family Health Organization.  We recognize that you often have existing coping skills and ways of dealing with struggles, and we support you to recognize and develop those characteristics helpful to you.

How do I get referred and / or refer my child?

You can:

  • Refer yourself
  • Be referred by one of our staff

Important Notes: self-referrals to counselling:

  • For Langs, call 519-653-1470, press “5” to speak with the administrative staff to review your eligibility and book your first appointment.
  • For North Dumfries, call 519-632-1229 and speak with medical reception to review your eligibility.
  • For Heritage FHO patients, speak with your family physician to be referred to counselling.
  • Please note that if you have an Employee Assistance Program available to you and your family, we will ask that you access that resource first.
What can I expect at my first appointment?

If required, you may be placed on a waitlist until there is a counsellor available to meet with you.

You will receive an initial appointment with a counsellor and learn more about the counselling process, which is typically 6-12 sessions to explore the issues and create/work on goals.

Child / Youth Counselling
  • If your child is under the age of 12, we will need parent/guardian consent before we are able to provide service.
  • We ask that a parent/guardian be available during the counselling sessions, so that there is opportunity to communicate about the issues that your child is dealing with.
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