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Regional Coordination Centre

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The Regional Coordination Centre (RCC) is hosted by Langs. The RCC is a coordination and referral centre to streamline access to care in the region of Waterloo Wellington.  Their role is to coordinate services and to support individuals and health care providers by providing one location to receive, triage and direct referrals for care throughout the region.  The RCC is a part of the system-wide coordinated access (SCA) strategy to improve access to care.

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Waterloo Wellington Diabetes

The Waterloo Wellington Diabetes team within the RCC provides central intake for all referrals to diabetes education and specialists throughout the region.  Central Intake offers one place to send referrals for diabetes care.  A triage nurse reviews each referral and determines the urgency and the best location to send the referral, ensuring the right care at the right time at the right place for individuals and families with diabetes. Central Intake monitors the wait times for the region and provides quarterly reports to the program managers.

This team also offers a resource clinician who is available to support healthcare professionals in enhancing their knowledge in order to provide diabetes care.   

This program also offers a regional website for both individuals and families living with diabetes, and for healthcare professionals.   

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Central Intake for Medical Specialists

Orthopedic Central Intake

Central Intake for orthopedics offers a single point of contact for providers to refer to any/all orthopedic surgeons.  One standard referral form provides consistency to ensure a complete referral as well as to provide data collection to support system improvement.

All referrals are reviewed for completeness and sent to either the preferred, or most appropriate orthopedic surgeon, or orthopedic assessment clinic, based on the patient's home address and primary problem area.  Patient preference is always respected.

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Cataract Central Intake

This program provides a central location for healthcare providers to send referrals to an ophthalmologist for a routine cataract surgical consult. Referrals are reviewed for completeness and sent to the appropriate specialist. Wait times are monitored to ensure people are being seen in a timely manner.

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Regional Self-Management Program

The Waterloo Wellington Self-Management Program (WWSMP) role is to coordinate self-management programs that support individuals and their caregivers in the region living with or at risk of developing chronic diseases.  The role also includes providing self-management support training, education and mentoring to healthcare providers.

The WWSMP is one of 14 programs in the province.

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Programs for Individuals

The WWSMP offers free evidence-based programs that are delivered by certified peer leaders and/or trained healthcare providers to provide self-management support and guidance to individuals and families.  Examples of programs offered to individuals are:

  • Take Charge
  • Craving Change
  • Better Sleep
  • Dial it Down - Relaxation and Stress Management
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Programs for Health Care Providers

The WWSMP supports health care providers in enhancing their self-management knowledge, skill and patient care. This is accomplished through both the website resources and educational opportunities offered throughout the region.  Examples of programs available to health care providers are:

  • Moving Towards Change with Dr. Michael Vallis
  • Choices and Changes
  • Basic Motivational Interviewing
  • For the full list of programs, descriptions and upcoming dates, click here