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Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness refers to the capacity of a person or family to plan and manage their income and expenditures. 

Need some Financial Help during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Please see the links below to Federal and Provincial Government Programs and brief descriptions of what is available.

Langs is here to help. Having trouble understanding the various programs and /or do not have a computer to fill out the forms? Please call us at 519-653-1470 x 327 for help.

Government of Canada (Federal) Programs for Individuals:

Government of Canada (Federal) Programs for Individuals

Federal Programs can help people who:

  • need Employment Insurance (EI)
  • have stopped working or have had their income reduced (CRB)
  • are recovering from COVID-19 (CRSB)
  • need to provide care to a child during the pandemic or support a family member recovering from COVID-19
  • need help covering their mortgage

Specific Supports for Indigenous Individuals are also available.

Ontario Provincial Government Programs for Individuals:

Please visit the below link for Provincial Programs:

COVID-19 Support for People in Ontario

Provincial Programs can help people who need:

  • help with food and housing (Basic Needs) and are not on Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program
  • help with additional costs connected to COVID-19 and who receive Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support - talk to your case worker
  • help with rent relief or help for landlords
  • help with Electricity and Natural Gas bills (rebates and relief for overdue energy bills - LEAP/CEAP programs)

Carleton University has created a plain language guide to help those trying to access government programs in the time of coronavirus. 

These are straightforward instructions on how to apply for things like Employment Insurance, Caregiver Benefits, rent subsidies and others.

Click the link below:

Plain-Language Guide for Getting Government Aid