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Staff Directory

Leadership Team

Name Title Phone Ext Location
B. Davidson Executive Director 519-653-1470 236 Langs Main Site
L. MacKinnon Clinical Manager, Langs CHC 519-653-1470   383 Langs Main Site 
J. Richmond

Manager, Chronic Disease and Prevention Community Diabetes Program, Waterloo Region

519-653-1470 341 Langs Main Site
J. Watts Social Work Coordinator



Langs Main Site

L. Bolden Clinical Coordinator, North Dumfries CHC 519-632-1229  2226 North Dumfries
K. Wilkie Health Link Director 519-653-1470 234 Langs Main Site
N. Mykitschak Community Services Director 519-653-1470 263 Langs Main Site
D. Hollahan Regional Coordination Centre Director 519-947-1000 302 Regional Coordination Centre


K. Calija Finance Manager 519-653-1470 237 Langs Main Site
A. Gulliver HR/Finance Assistant 519-653-1470 227 Langs Main Site
S. Leal-Schnarr IT/Facility & Data Management Coordinator 519-653-1470 245 Langs Main Site
K. Noseworthy Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator 519-653-1470 232 Langs Main Site
B. Jacob Executive Assistant 519-653-1470 240 Langs Main Site
J. Hunter Fundraising and Communications Coordinator 519-653-1470 264 Langs Main Site
J. Hutton Administrative Team Lead, Clinical Services, Langs 519-653-1470 343 Langs Main Site
  Administrative Assistant & Medical Secretary, North Dumfries 519-632-1229 2243 North Dumfries
D. Cooke Program Coordinator  519-248-4769 3001 Langs Main, YTC & Grow
S. MacTavish  Administrative Assistant, Community Diabetes Program 519-653-1470 347 Lang Main Site
  Administrative Assistant, Social Work 519-653-1470 327 Langs Main Site
T. Riley Administrative Assistant, Partnership & Health Link   519-653-1470 266 Langs Main Site
H. Kemal Administrative Assistant, Community Services  519-653-1470 320 Langs Main Site
L. Hodgkinson Self-Management Program Coordinator 519-947-1000 265 Regional Coordination Centre
N. Van Gerwen Central Intake Coordinator 519-947-1000 272 Regional Coordination Centre