Self-Management Program

The Waterloo-Wellington Self-Management Program is a provincial initiative funded by the Waterloo-Wellington Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and hosted by Langs. There are 14 self-management programs in Ontario, each one aligned with their respective LHIN. The purpose of the program is to improve self-management support for people who live with or are at risk for chronic health conditions.

Self-management is the active, engaged participation of individuals in achieving their best health and wellness. This involves gaining the confidence, knowledge and skills to manage physical, social and emotional aspects of life in partnership with health care teams and community support.

The Self-Management Program coordinates services throughout the Waterloo-Wellington region, defined by the LHIN boundaries. There are 2 components to the program:

  1. Coordination and delivery of self-management programs for individuals living with one or more chronic health conditions (and their caregivers), including the “Take Charge” workshop, “Take Charge Chronic Pain” workshop, “Craving Change” and others.
  2. Development, coordination and delivery of self-management support training for healthcare providers, including “Moving Towards Change” with Dr. Michael Vallis from the Behavior Change Institute in Halifax, “Choices and Changes” from the Institute for Healthcare Communication, “Impacts of Health Literacy on Patient-Centered Care” and others.

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